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Cannot find any faults with this site.

This is one of the best sites I've ever come across and I'm so glad I did. The delivery is super fast and it's affordable. Normally after a few dodgy sites I've encountered it's reassuring to know that I can trust and rely that I get what I ordered, so thanks MedicAnimal.



I ordered a pair of roller skates for my daughter, paid for them, waited a month, received nothing, emailed them, replied back to me saying they have no knowledge of payment, showed them proof of my bank statement, knowledgement confirmed! Said they will reimbursed me as I said it's too late as a birthday present because I already bought a pair from another site so I want a refund, waited and waited, no refund no emails, AVOID THIS SITE!


Every experience is a bad experience......

hence why I ordered a laptop online and chose to pick up instore thinking they wouldn't annoy me with their sales pitch of upgrading, the right software, etc., I could pay up in cash and sprint out with my sought after laptop. As always, things didn't go according to plan. Before I even took out my purse, two sales guy suggest I should take out their electrical appliance warranty. When i said no they got persistent and went on and on, would gave me 1 month free, then 2 months, blah blah, practically condemning me that I'm a mug not to. I stood my ground and declined four times! In the end he gave up, shook his head and I walked out feeling very intimidated. Dealing with them was like pulling teeth, next time I'll bring a man!

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I came across this fashion site at More magazine and thought I'd check it out. There are a lot of repeated selections i.e. same clothes, different page, saw a couple of knitwears that took my fancy so added them to my basket, they were 2 items costing £25 which is very reasonable but when it came to paying, the price almost took my eye out! The total came to £40!! £15 for p&p to N. Ireland but on their website it was only £4.99. I'm sure two jumpers doesn't weigh that much so i emailed them thinking it must've been a misprint, An automated response replied that they would answer my query ASAP, after 3 working days, no response yet they keep spamming me. I don't think this site is legitimate and if they are then I have no confidence in using this site.

19. april 2012

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Hi Jayema,
Thank you for your review, please accept our apologies for the problems you have encountered while shopping with us. We can assure you that we usually pride ourselves in our customer service and unfortunately your email may have been overlooked in error. The delivery cost to Northern Ireland was as you mentioned, a misprint and we have since corrected this mistake; the cost should have been £3.99. We would also like to confirm that we are a legitimate website registered in England and Wales under company number 04385336 and we are also PCI compliant.

We would like to offer you a unique discount to apologise for your dissatisfaction with our service. Please email us on and we will send you a code with more information.


Dodgy goods at Connswater, Belfast

Shopping at Argos is relatively painless, quick and efficient but unfortunately there is one gripe that needs to be addressed and that is, some of their products, especially electrical goods has been used. Twice the products has been tampered with. The first was an answering machine with no packaging inside and the instructions missing and the last one was a wireless headphone with the packaging ripped, badly assembled in the box, the battery was inside the headphone and surprise surprise, it didn't work. Returning the item was a doodle with no questions asked after I explained that it had been used before so its best to check the package before you leave the shop.



They take a huge chunk of your prize money if you win a game i.e. if you have £10 credit, entry fee is 45p and the winning prize is 67p then your overall prize would be just £10.27! Also playing an 8 player game is a gamble, you could easily see your top prize go down the drain for no reason, refunding you the money when its obvious you're the top winner. Their excuse is there's a time limit yet it states there is no limit or no players has played yet there is! Not only are they robbers they are also liars!


Rating says it all!!!

Wow!!! Took a day to deliver and it's across the pond, I'm impressed!

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Brilliant service

Although I must admit, some of their quality are substandard but who cares, it cheap and its fashionable. I would definitely use their site on a weekly basis just to browse through the trends.

14. september 2011

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Thank you for your review and we at are glad that you enjoyed your experience with us.

I would like to advise that we are constantly looking at ways to improve all aspects of our service and the products that we offer, as such any quality issues that you have experienced will be rectified as swiftly as possible.


Love their clothes

I love browsing through their selection of clothes and always end up buying stuff which i wore time and time again. The delivery is fast and now it even deliver free to the nearest store for you to collect! Perfect!


Great service

I ordered a really gorgeous purse a day before I left for my holidays, when I returned 2 weeks later nothing was through the post box so I emailed MiuMiu and straight away they sent me details of the neighbour who signed my package. Great service and of course, gorgeous products although it burns a HUGE hole in your pocket but definitely worth it.

Best place to shop your smellies

Always my first stop when looking for my perfumes or make up, its cheap and the delivery is fast, love it.

Just Eat

Beware prospective clients

Whatever they say do not believe them! 1st of all I had to pay a print machine costing £250 which by the end of the contract (1st year) I can return it to them and they would refund me £190. After almost 2 months of handing the machine back, they have not bothered to issue me a cheque. In my opinion they are a bunch of crooks. And don't think it could help your business, in fact you would have more complaints than you would with orders, mostly from the incompetent machine which doesn't inform customers that their order had been declined due to the takeaway being busy or of the distance, which means customers could wait hours on end not knowing whether their food will turn up or not. Of course if customers complain directly to just-eat, they would blame the takeaway and lastly, our takeaway is situated on a busy road and every takeaway owner i spoke to has also been unsatisfied with their service and will not be using them once the contract ends.

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9. august 2011

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Good Morning Jayema,

Please can you provide me with your restaurant name and Postcode and I will investigate this for you?

Please email

Kind regards



Excellent choices

I would have given this site an extra point if only they wouldn't overcharge well known brands. Its good to shop around, overall its the best online shopping around one I could trust.



I should've trusted my instincts and cut my losses with them after getting poor customer service for my broadband and finally I had to terminate my contract after 5 years with them. Unfortunately now that my daughter has started using text I went back to them thinking nothing would go wrong with using their SIM card, oh how wrong was I. Every SIM card package clearly stated 300 free text, after 8 text i was charged 10p thereafter, now I live in hope of getting my money back.

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